La Blouse Roumaine

Prima comunitate online dedicata IEI, simbol al culturii identitare româneşti.

La Blouse Roumaine promovează IA ca brand de ţară al României. Pe 21 ianuarie 2013, La blouse roumaine a propus ca ziua de 24 iunie 2013, Sânzienele, să marcheze prima celebrare a IEI româneşti sub denumirea de ZIUA UNIVERSALĂ A IEI. Evenimentul s-a bucurat de un succes imens, fiind sărbatorit pe 6 continente, în peste 50 de ţări din lume.


“La Blouse Roumaine is a movement that grew organically, around the image and meaning of the Romanian blouse, IA. In 2013, over 24,000 people, in 50 countries , across six continents, chose to voluntarily and informally participate in the day of the Romanian blouse last year, by posting a selfie wearing their blouses on facebook. The movement helped promote Romania’s image abroad, creating a ‘brand’ for this beautiful country, which is still working to communicate its identity to the world. What is compelling here, is the fundamental human need for self-expression, the desire to show the world who one is, as a person, but also as part of a culture tied to a fascinating history, and, in a broader sense, as a member of a global tribe seeking the essential through art and beauty. It’s fascinating, like a never-ending mirror, that a movement meant to express our modern-day identities, centers around an ancient artifact which, through carefully selected hand-embroidered symbols, was meant to communicate the identity of its wearer, both as an individual, and as a member of a tribe.”
Maria Elena Sandovici



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